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EHB SystemeClassic EMS technology has a vast field of applications and found its right place in a lot of industry branches within the last decades. Amongst others connection of production or manufacturing lines, transport of goods to and from storage in- and output maybe in combination with picking or passing of assembly lines are typical cases of use.

By use of track components as straight, horizontal curve, 2-/3- way switch convergent/divergent, turn table, star switch, crossing, parallel shifting station, lift station, vertical bow for inclination / declination track nearly every required routing can be realized. But the transport task can only be satisfied by the right combination of carrier and hanger (load frame). Possibly light design in whole is a key to success and therefore GPI has a special focus on it.

The sector of electric monorail systems is one of the special strengths of the GPI professionals. For complex transport tasks with flexible demands the EMS is the right choice. You can either choose the traditional construction in accordance with C1 (VDI directive 3643) for loads up to 1 ton or the larger version for loads up to 6 tons.

However value of benefit can be taken not till than a reasonable application in form of a well reviewed routing layout with efficient interfaces for loading and unloading goods is elaborated, maybe including operator activity and development of an according individual load frame. Especially looking on this aspects GPI has the claim to consider these requirements from the beginning in planning and configuring your EMS-installation including structure and installation steelwork from the very beginning.

Wether EMS installations in logistics, in production or assembly areas or for AWT (general goods transport in hospitals), the GPI-team knows where to look at and leads your project through all necessary phases in a reliable and constructive manner – from the concept to the turnkey hand-over. Well-tried as well as most modern technology for the energy and signal transmission can be considered in the same way as professional project management by use of current utilities and tools.

Systems EMS-180 and EMS-240

With the systems EMS-180 and EMS-240 we offer you EMS in classic execution for new buildup, modification and enlargement of facilities.

  • track components with Aluminium rail in double T design with contact rails for power supply and signal transfer or inductive power- and signal transfer mounted at the side of the track rail.;
  • electric installation incl. sensors with separate cable trays along the rail track;
  • carriers, normally existing of a powered and an idle trolley, which encloses the rail on one side,
  • separate control box for the single carriers as attached part,
  • if required commercially available absolute distance measuring system.
  • specific load frame, e.g. with integrated lifting functionality or other customized special functionalities



System EMS-180

  • payloads: standard up to 1000 kg
  • Aluminium  extruded rail, cross-section 180 mm x 60 mm
  • height-adjustable rail suspensions mounted at a distance of 2 - 3 m normally
  • vehicles with welded vehicle body and undercarriage

System EMS-240

  • payloads: standard up to 6000 kg
  • Aluminium  extruded rail, cross-section 240 mm x 80 mm
  • height-adjustable rail suspensions mounted at a distance of 2 - 3 m normally
  • vehicles with welded vehicle body and undercarriage





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