EMS trolley with pantograph lifting unit

A specialty of GPI are the EMS trolleys with lifting unit for the hanger using a specially designed scissor lift. The so called pantograph scissor lift of GPI. In contrast to the conventional scissor lift, which should be known well from the lifting table construction, the GPI scissor lift allows a very compact design.

Amongst others, it offers advantages in length and width of the lifting units, whereby even with long strokes up to 4,500 mm it is still possible to realize a pitch of 3,000 mm, depending on the dimensions of hanger and material to be conveyed, at least on straight tracks. In addition, due to design and style itself, weight of the lifting unit is significantly lower in comparison to the conventional construction. Thus, for GPI it is possible to realize also EMS trolleys with lifting unit and hanger for the C1-rail profile (180x60 [mm]) with a payload of 750 kg, wherein the weight of the hangar itself, which is mounted on the lower frame of the lifting unit, has to be included in the payload.

The product is already applied at the heavy EMS (Rail profile 240x80 [mm]). In this case, car bodies with a own weight of 2.5 tons carried in a hanger built like a portal frame, are transported in a final assembly line and lifted or lowered to the specific working heights of the sequenced work stations.

A large number of GPI made EMS trolleys with lifting unit and hanger have proven themselves in daily production. They are in use everywhere, where within the production process the product has to be offered to the employee easily accessible on different height levels. Amongst other it can also be used as lifting shuttle, if between pick-up and delivery location logistic routes or similar are situated. Many other applications are possible.

Basically a redundant array of lifting belts to reduce risk of falling is used. Switch for Belt crack monitor the operation. Any place where persons are directly at risk, especially, for example on overhead jobs, the lifting unit is made sufficiently reliable with other elements, so that a safety certification by an official body in full will be met.

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